Welcome to the Fall 2021 issue!

In this issue we delve into the topic of childhood education and how we can evolve childhood learning despite current conditions facing the world. Children grow and develop by natural design, organically. What we do as parents depends on our trust in this fact of life. Trusting children to be inherently good, we can choose to refrain from utilizing rewards or punishments designed to compel children to “be good.” We evolve to allow them to express their own inner compass, while also offering children a steady, firm, responsible guidance.

Additionally in this issue, we discuss the value and importance of chiropractic and birth skills for birth preparation. Similar to parenting, we discover how to trust the process and act consciously in accordance with the natural process of birth. How do we establish real, dependable trust in the birth process? This issue discusses some specific skills and concepts that we can learn to keep us above the waters of our fears and doubts—skills intended to bring us into a more active, self-directed and participatory role in birth, so that we (mothers and fathers) can navigate the birth process with confidence, ease, and control.

Lastly, we present the topic of the power of imagination to shape our lives. One idea which has existed throughout history is the power of our beliefs. We know this to be true in the area of health and disease, scientifically referred to as the “Placebo Effect.” What we are coming to realize is that the Placebo Effect is just the tip of the iceberg. A whole new view of the world emerges that is above and beyond the material-mechanistic view. We are living beings, on a living planet. Life is more than biochemical miracle; it is a miracle of consciousness. Life is the expression of the power of our imaginative spirit—our dreaming power—that shapes and sustains our journey in life. The meaning you derive from your life today, your purpose, is part of this powerful force of evolution. May we all discover our meaning and purpose, and work in harmony with the beauty and love that is at the heart of this intelligence of the universe.

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