PathwaysWelcome to the Summer 2021 issue!

Birth skills and chiropractic care for pregnancy make a powerful duo! This issue begins to delve into the fascinating new adventure in birth preparation, which has the power to not only shape the birth profession, but re-define how families face birth. Fathers are now more relevant than ever in the family’s journey through birth. With the application of birth skills comes the need for a steady, calm presence to guide a birthing mother from the advantage of an external support. Fathers can provide this rock of support for the mother in her activity of giving birth. Birth is a physiological and natural process that requires our conscious attention. This issue delves into the aspects of how we consciously attend to our births.

Additionally, this issue features chiropractic care as it relates to the future of medicine. The future of chiropractic is bright. Millions are turning to alternative sources for their health and well-being. An entirely new paradigm of health is upon us, one that finally takes into real consideration the importance of human experience, emotion, and perception—aspects that all tie into the state of our nervous system.

Throughout this issue, there are articles that are meant to spark discussion for the future. We are at a time where we can correct past mis-thinkings on a global scale. Thought leaders in the communities of the world are needed. Parents and professionals alike have the exciting task of setting course at this time when the old meets the new. Life at this time is tumultuous, uncertain, but nevertheless it is exceptional. So many possibilities are ahead. Let’s make it count!

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