PathwaysWelcome to the Fall 2020 issue!

There is no greater gift we can offer you than the gift you already possess—the gift of your child’s love and connection. For it is the gift that children will use to learn for themselves how to venture forth as adults. The desire to separate and mature into self-directed human beings is germinated like a seed in the womb of family connection. Children grow up, but not all children mature. The difference can be traced back to early childhood, and the experiences of connection that were present.

In this issue, we have many resources to expand on a new appreciation for the heretofore hidden ingredients that propel children’s development. The ingredients are self-given and innate. But they are not necessarily going to unfurl unless they are given the water and sunlight of our conscious awareness. Discovering the basics of these ingredients can mean the difference between years of struggle or delight in the coming months and years.

Taking a step back, this issue is composed of three sections: Taking the Step. Staying the Course. And Living the Journey. In Taking the Step, we learn through anecdotes and insightful educational summaries, what the keys are to children’s well-being. These keys are applicable from the earliest moments of life all the way through the teenage years. Our hope is that this section will launch you on a path of renewed appreciation, and more than anything else, hope.

Next in Staying the Course, we get more into the nitty gritty of decisions regarding children’s educational options. Here there are resources, book reviews, and testimony of other parents’ experiences who’ve navigated the paths of alternative child education. We tell the story of one teenager’s journey whose life was lived beyond the walls of traditional education, and from her own words and perspective, we learn how fulfilling it can truly be.

In Living the Journey we address the importance of the beginning chapters of life, and the importance of chiropractic care and the human gift of a nourishing this “outer womb” experience. From this discussion, we naturally flow into the wider picture of the future of society. With healing brought to the beginnings of life, the outer society will naturally cultivate new possibilities. And so we touch upon the sacred beauty of a future that our hearts know is possible.

To summarize this issue in a single sentence, we say: There is no greater gift than the warmth bestowed from a loving heart, and there is no greater warmth than the love parents may have for their children. With that, I hope you can find the fountain of your own encouragement and strength. And I hope that no matter what the world mirrors to you, you can mirror back the resounding knowledge that you are big enough and strong enough to rise above it. For then your children will learn to see their own opened pathway forward and will blossom into the adults of their generation, with a gift of their own.

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