Welcome to the Summer 2020 issue!

We’ve made it to summer! Opportunities to use our bodies and interact with the Earth abound. As we take this chance to recharge after a trying winter and spring, this issue of Pathways offerings are intended to both support and spark introspection through new practices and concepts.

Taking the Step offers six articles selected to introduce concepts that may be unfamiliar. The Stories We Tell Ourselves by Rebecca Thompson Hitt introduces the idea that our thoughts are actually not facts. Understanding that our mind fills in gaps through story telling will help us to explore further and improve our parenting interactions. In Better Solutions: Ten Crucial Lessons From Trying to Heal My Children From Autism, Anxiety, and ADHD by Jennifer Giustra-Koseky, we benefit from the experiences of a person who is both a related professional and mother. Her lessons apply to many of the situations that we all face as parents. Staying the Course contains five articles that encourage you to explore concepts relating to parenting and will leave you feeling more confident in making and living the parenting choices that are best for your family. Your discussion guide offers questions for exploring two of these articles. Development Starts With Relationships by Mary Beth Crawford, offers insight into the art of exploring the experiences behind our children’s behaviors, rather than purely trying to reshape them. In Sleeping Babies Need Mom Beside Them by James McKenna, parents receive confirmation of the wisdom that they already possess but sometimes requires reinforcement: that our babies do best when beside us.

Living the Journey, the final section, offers six articles that address the wider support communities that are vital to new families. Discussing these ideas together with other parents provides an opportunity to stretch and try on new ideas. Simple Life-Birth in a Log Cabin by Stephanie Sorensen, allows us to imagine life completely self-supporting as a possibility and perhaps even an ideal. Conscious Parenting in an Unconscious Culture by Beth Berry, provides an opportunity to reflect on the pressures we
sometimes put upon ourselves to be ideal parents and offers societal and personal accommodations necessary to foster change in that direction.

There are endless choices to make as parents, and each feels essential. Our goal is to offer options to explore and to nourish both your curiosity and confidence as parents. The community that you create within your Pathways gathering group will take it from there.

As always, your study guide contains questions for consideration and connections to chiropractic care to stimulate conversation and offer insight.

We wish you peace and confidence in your parenting journey. While the choices are yours to make, know that you are not alone. Your Pathways community is here with you.

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