Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue!

It pleases us to offer you a collection of writings that focus around practices and concepts that serve to soothe. Helpful at even the best of times, the offerings in this issue of Pathways will connect you with a more still, centered self to bring to your family. Connecting with your Pathways and discussing the writings highlighted below will take you far in challenging times.

Each season offers us unique opportunities to engage with the world in different ways. Take the time to engage with the elements of spring unfolding all around you. Allow their sounds to move to the forefront; the world’s problems will wait while you and your children listen to the rain and return of the birds, enjoy the sun on your faces, and dig in the clean, nourishing soil as you begin your garden.

In the first section, Taking the Step, you’ll find two articles that speak directly to the tools everybody possesses that help us specifically through times of stress in ourselves and others. The Secret Power of Your Stable Nervous System by Sarah Rudell Beach and Thank Eustress by Laura Grace Weldon are the place for you to begin to feel more settled and secure in times of stress.

Staying the Course contains six articles that encourage you to explore concepts relating to parenting and will leave you feeling more confident in making and living the parenting choices that are best for your family. Informed Choice and the Politics of Pregnancy and Birth Care, by Lex Londino, walks us through one of the most important concepts in birth today. Choosing birth attendants who view us as individuals and partners in our care will play directly into positive physical and emotional outcomes. Your birth, your way.

Living the Journey, the final section, offers eight articles that address the wider support communities that are vital to new families. Discussing these ideas together with other parents provides an opportunity to stretch and try on new ideas. Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, by Jeni Howe, reminds us that taking care of ourselves is not indulgent or privileged, it is a necessary aspect of thriving as individuals and within our roles as parents and partners. Creating Daily, by Leo Babauta, invites us to unlock patterns and engage as a family.

Parenting itself can feel overwhelming at times, and parenting during unprecedented times can make it feel unmanageable at best. Our goal is to offer options to explore and nourish both your centering and confidence as parents. The community that you create within your Pathways gathering group will take it from there.

As always, your study guide contains questions for consideration and connections to chiropractic care to stimulate conversation and offer insight.

We wish you peace, confidence, and wellness in your parenting journey. While the choices are yours to make, know that you are not alone. Your Pathways community is here with you.

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