Welcome to the Fall 2019 issue!

Seasonal changes provide opportunities to redirect our activities--perhaps more time outside to enjoy the cooler weather, crunching leaves and picking apples. We hope you’ve had the opportunity to lean into the changes that fall brings. As always, this issue offers insights and inspiration on topics that apply directly to your lives as parents. The voices of experts and peers alike offer companionship and wisdom as you evolve in your parenting role.

Our first section, Taking the Step, has three articles focused on the transition to parenthood: the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and early parenting that are so transformational. This issue offers a focus on the experiences of fathers in parenting. Of particular interest is Parents as Advocates on page 18. This issue’s study guide contains questions for discussion on this overlooked skill.

The next section, Staying the Course, contains five articles that encourage you to explore concepts relating to parenting and will leave you feeling more confident in making and living the parenting choices that are best for your family. Your discussion guide offers questions for exploring several of these articles. Being Wrong and Being Smart, by Isaac Morehouse, offers insights that might help tamp down some of the pressure people feel to be the “perfect parent”.

Living the Journey, the final section, offers five articles that address broader topics that are in the background of our parenting experiences. Discussing these ideas together with other parents provides an opportunity to stretch and try on new ideas. Understanding and Assessing labor Progress, by Rachel Reed, offers an opportunity to truly understand how labor works and all that it needs to progress smoothly.

There are endless choices to make as parents, and each feels essential. Our goal is to offer options to explore and to nourish both your curiosity and confidence as parents. The community that you create within your Pathways gathering group will take it from there.

As always, your study guide contains questions for consideration and connections to chiropractic care to stimulate conversation and offer insight.

We wish you peace and confidence in your parenting journey. While the choices are yours to make, know that you are not alone. Your Pathways community is here with you.

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