PathwaysWelcome to the Winter 2018 issue!

Dear Pathways Community,

This edition of Pathways has some key features to highlight.

First, notice the three sections listed in the magazine. These were devised to help the reader peruse the articles in the magazine more efficiently.

The first section, Taking the Step, printed at the top of each of the first 9 articles in this issue, makes up the introductory and informative portion of the magazine that aims to help readers cross the threshold to the new model of health and well-being expressed by our authors. It is our largest section in this issue, and has the bulk of the information about chiropractic, birth, and family well-being.

The next section, Staying the Course, brings us deeper, sometimes to more controversial topics and discussions and sometimes into greater subtleties surrounding the topic of parenting, mothering, and the choices that lay ahead for each new family.

Living the Journey, the final of the three sections, is for readers to enjoy some topics of contention that won’t leave you feeling tense but rather inspired. It’s a grouping of articles that are deep in their effect for anyone who’s open to ponder them.

While nobody can make another person take the step in life, stay the course, or live to their highest potential, this magazine is simply dedicated to the fact that such a journey exists, and to we hope to offer some resources and a community that helps to light the way. 

Also, make sure to look at our double-page spreads and infographics found on the following pages, Pg. 12, 16, 38, and 54. These are specifically designed to easily share the chiropractic philosophy and purpose, as well as the Pathways Connect community to friends, co-workers, and other practitioners.

This issue is truly one to build bridges!
To see the unique importance of chiropractic care as it pertains to these vital topics, check out the Chiropractic Connections. And keep up to date by visiting our Pathways Connect Facebook page:

We wish you the greatest success, knowing full well that you are at the forefront of the future of family well-being,

Pathways Team

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