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Your child displays a deep significance for the world every day, in his or her unique gifts. Our Feature article by Laura Grace Weldon proposes that if we can uncover these gifts, recognize our children’s readiness to live up to their true calling, and nurture them with the care and patience befitting their primal nature, then there’s little doubt that their individual gifts will unfold into the world at large.

To begin this latest issue(PW 59) we introduce you to the “ICPA Life.” The ICPA is an organization of chiropractors that brings families to the doorway of their unique potential. It represents the motion underway in our culture that’s unveiling a new kind of healthcare, a safer and more fulfilling way to actualize birth, and a cutting-edgeunderstating of family well-being for the modern world. These exciting developments are all facets of a single transformation that can give people the joy of experiencing a life truly well-lived. The positive expression of each individual awaits their discovery of aninnate potential, and this is the promise of an ICPA Life.

Our current magazine brings you the specific issues that are timely and relevant to the needs of families during this time:

Understanding infant needs within modern society • How to embrace your child’s unique traits and talents • Optimal brain development through caregiver connection • A holistic look at tantrums• Chiropractic and the Vagus nerve • Clarity on Chiropractic and children • Thepurpose of Chiropractic for pregnancy • ADHD • The cause of depression • and much more.

We thank you for being a part of our community and for holding these gatherings among each other!

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We wish you the greatest success, knowing full well that you are at the forefront of the future of family well-being,

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