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Please enjoy the Summer edition of Pathways Magazine. This issue begins with a message to fathers. Every generation has trials to overcome. For those who came before us it may have been the harsh trials of War or the Revolution to reshape culture. Today, the trial ahead of us is about protection of the family.

Mothers know they are, by nature, the ones who carry the baby physically and emotionally for 9 months, and are most intimately and biologically connected with the baby for the first year of life. But what is the father’s position as the mother carries, births and nurtures their baby? Perhaps, it begins by guarding this Sacred Space.

It is in the childbearing and laboring mother that we see how this space is at once powerful beyond words, and at the same time vulnerable to many kinds of influences. Cultural authorities, fixed ideas, orthodoxy, and arrogance are antithetical to the fluid, evolving, and sensitive atmosphere of the Sacred Space. In order to guard the space, fathers must first discover the power and strength of birth and motherhood and learn to trust the wisdom that follows each child’s unique development. Then, with this understanding firmly grasped, fathers can keep nature’s wisdom guarded, honored and respected.

We hope this issue of Pathways opens the threshold and helps people see the strength and value of the perinatal phase. We draw in key insights that can help parents overcome difficult barriers both at home and in the world at large and to shift the paradigm toward a thriving world of possibility. If our mindsets are right, anything is possible. As for this summer, we wish to say, let us open up our hearts to greater presence.

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