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Welcome to our new edition of Pathways Magazine where we take time to think about life with a wider scope. Consciousness is the gift to help us findour humanity and bring purpose into our daily lives. In this issue we explore the life of mother and activist, Atsuko Watanabe, who has taken her time to stop and think about life from a perspective that many of us admire, but don’t feel that we have the time to enjoy. We recognize that there’s much beyond our understanding, but some things, like the presence of consciousness at the beginning life, arebecoming known to us, offering us tremendous joy and healing early on in life.

Mothers who learn the nature of birth as an empowering eventare ready to have empowered births. Join us this issue as we present birth as the opportunity for great achievementand as a time to ‘bring in the light.’ For new mothers we help you to find the birth class that will show you the way to an empowered birth. In addition, we share a birth story that drives home the value of chiropractic care for pregnancy and labor and we show how chiropractic is integral to establishing a resilient beginning for mom and baby after birth.

We know parenting is difficult and tries the soul, but what if there was a way to experience bliss in all the madness? In this issue, we introduce Yoga Nidra meditation, an activestate of rest that you can achieve to renew your soulful senses with wonder and strength. We bring you key insights in family living that will leverage your courage, ability, and your sanity against the trials that lay ahead.In this issue you will discover insights into an emerging understanding of the nature of childhood diseasesthat presents everyone with a chance to explore the seeds of a revolution inmedicinethat can bringold models of health-care out of its current state of darkness and fear.

We hope you will join us as we honor life from our inception in the womb all the way to our resting place in the source of our love.

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