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PathwaysIn this issue of Pathways, we reveal how we have the power to change the nature of stress altogether, not by avoiding it, but by transforming it, and we learn how to unlock the abundant energy of a heart-centered life. Many have grown to see chronic stress enter into the mix of life as a prominent cause of declining health and happiness, but most don’t realize that with this mindset comes a self-fulfilling prophesy. There are faculties within us that know how to take in stress constructively revealing the hidden virtues of stress. Join us this Fall as we discover this secret and the vital role chiropractic care plays in reorganizing the body’s innate stress response. There’s a freedom accessible to us that’s not dependent on external forces and it can come from a new kind of thinking.

This quarter, we offer you new connections in various fields including the Continuum Concept, co-sleeping, alternatives to birth plans, biodynamic food options, Autism, the Polyvagal Theory, and more. Watch as we expose the trend in western society toward Scientism allowing you to see the authentic potential of holistic medicine in your life. There’s a shock of new energy awakening the world to a deeper sense of purpose and we wish to remind you that it all begins with you!

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