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Pathways“What is authenticity and how do we express it? This is the question presented in this issue of Pathways magazine. With the help of various authors whose backgrounds and experiences span many decades, we come nearer to that version of ourselves which prefers life in the moment over life how it should be.

Parents feel the importance of their relationship with their children and from this they become driven with a particular psychology that responds in proportion. Without knowing it, parents are liable to replace their actual relationships with fantastic notions of what it means to be ‘good parents.’

By a renewal of the sensory world that our children experience so viscerally, we can drop these cultural notions and present a version of ourselves that represents our true nature. Our authenticity must come out from the ashes of the cultural norms that have been thrown on us over the course of our lives. We are all unique. Just as our children experience their uniqueness from the heart, so also must we reconnect to the sensation of the heart. Our path into the future will unfold from this place of connection and for our loved ones we can show what it means to be ourselves.”

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