Hello Pathways Connect Group Participants,

Welcome to our summer 2016 issue of Pathways! Traditionally, this issue is focused around fathering and we feel this one may be the best one on this topic yet. You will also notice, we have added along with each article's topics a section on the application of chiropractic principles for that article. This will help your group participants understand how chiropractic is not merely a health care choice, it is a way of life applicable to your physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. The integration of this perspective of well-being is what Pathways magazine is all about. Enjoy this issue, and even more so, enjoy the opportunity you have sharing these principles with the people in your community.

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We thank you for your continued service in creating a safe space for the parents in your community to embrace the shifting paradigm and create a healthier tomorrow.

Live Alive,

Pathways Connect Gathering Group Coordinator.


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